Glenn & Sarah

May 18, 2019Homer

It's a wonder we ever met...
Glenn's Story

I first came to Alaska in 1984 to visit my bother Doug, I moved here 2 years later pulled by the beauty and bounty of the sea. I thought being a fisherman was a good idea and to some extent, I was was right. After I had gone on a couple of trips long-lining for halibut in Cook Inlet and the Gulf of Alaska, it looked to me like a way I could work for myself. With this in mind, I bought a wooden, 29' former sailing gillnetter equipped with a diesel engine called the June B. At the time I was catching crab and selling them to restaurants and the local cannery.

That fall, Sarah was working on the fuel dock in the harbor. A beautiful smile and 2 barking dogs greeted fisherman daily. The JUNE B was a thrifty craft, consequently I hardly ever had to buy's a wonder we met at all. However, a friendship was struck and I fished often to use as much diesel as possible!

As winter moved to spring Sarah went back to work on the charter boats: we continued our friendship trading shrimp for halibut and swapping stories. I love my life on Kachemak Bay: the boats I've fished and the friends I've made. Sarah and I skirted each other throughout those years, always happy to see each other, but our stars didn't cross,..and I mean cross, until a magical day in May 1994. That's the day sparks flew.

I think Sarah will take it from here...

Sarah's Story

Glenn and I had been friends for many years, I loved to see him in the harbor and when our paths crossed, I always got a hug as good as I gave! While Glenn's tales are of fishing, my life story had gone in a different direction. I married and was blessed with two beautiful children. However, in June of 1993 we weathered the death of their Dad far too early. Coming home from the supportive embrace of my family on the Big Island, I walked into Two Sisters Bakery feeling full of grace to be amongst my people. It was May 1994, and there at the counter sat Glenn. I was overjoyed to see him and and walked straight into his arms and planted a huge kiss while gazing into those sparkly brown eyes. Both of us were a little surprised, but that was the catalyst to an adventurous and enchanting 25 years. Glenn gently took Ross and Mia as his own and is a benevolent Dad and partner. I am thrilled to acknowledge our enduring partnership by celebrating our 25th anniversary AND our wedding in the company of friends and family

The wedding will be a reflection of our deep love for all of you and our commitment to the pure pleasure of music.

Saturday, May 18, 2019
4:00 PM
Attire: Whatever makes you happy, dress it up because this might be your chance to wear that something special or come casual 'cause thats how you roll! Just come in time for oysters from 4 - 4:30pm the ceremony starts when the bride arrives, after you've eaten oysters at about 4:30 :)
Champagne & Oysters 4:00 - 4:30pm
Alice's Champagne Palace
195 E Pioneer Ave, Homer, AK 99603, USA

Our ceremony will begin at 4pm at WKFL Park (Wisdom/Knowledge/Faith/Love) on Pioneer Ave.

We really like that idea because it is the original site of Second Chance junk yard let alone the WKFL part!


There will be parking in the lower lot of the Homer High School. You can also park at Alice's Champagne Palace and walk to WKFL OR take a shuttle car that will be going back and forth from 3:30pm to 4pm

Plan to arrive at WKFL in time for an Jakalof Bay oyster bar and bubbly champagne from 4-4:30pm

Weather considerations:

We will have 85 umbrellas available at WKFL for the parade and weather issues, but I trust the weather will be exceptional. Please adopt an umbrella!

After we've devoured oysters and had a glass of champagne the ceremony will begin. We plan to be done all the formalities at about 4:45p.

The 2nd Line Parade:

KP Brass Band will lead us down Pioneer Avenue in a traditional Second Line parade to Alice's Champagne Palace! It's called a second line because that's "all y'all" dancing behind the band! It's maybe a 15 min walk. and will be a SO much fun.

The Reception:

The evening is cocktail-style reception with a smorgasbord of fab food by Maura's Cafe. When you first arrive with the band there will be 1 hour of cocktails and passed appetizers before the the main dishes are served. There will be plenty of food to keep us dancing all night long! There won't be seats for everyone, but check your coat at the door mingle, grab a bite and enjoy the evening with us, we are SO pleased to be together.

We are so grateful that Hope Social Club is coming to keep us on our toes and out on the dance floor most of the night.

During the evening there will be the usual toasts by family and a time for any of you that want to share.

Plan to come early and stay late!

Love you, see you soon!

Oh!.. and please RSVP so we know if you can make it.

May 12-16 Activities

A Boat Ride and Beach Lunch
Monday, May 13, 2019
11:30 AM
Mako's Water Taxi
4308 Homer Spit Rd, Homer, AK 99603, USA

Join us to start the week off right for a bay excursion and shore lunch. Meet on the boardwalk at Mako's Water Taxi at 11am for an 11:30 departure. We'll board the boat and tour Gull Island, it's early for birds, but let's go see who's arrived, then we'll follow our Captains lead looking for otters and other K' Bay wildlife, before getting off the boat for a lunch prepared and waiting on a remote beach. No cost involved except a tip to the skipper and or the chef.

We have filled our 2 boats! I'm so happy everyone want to come and play and enjoy the Bay.

Hike and Get Your Happy On
Tuesday, May 14, 2019
2:00 PM
Diamond Creek Trailhead

Meet at the bottom of Diamond Ridge Road and either hike the bike trail if weather is inclement or hike down to the beach if it's nice. No cost involved, libations and hot drinks provided.

Halibut Fishing Charter
Thursday, May 16, 2019
7:00 AM
Inlet Charters Across Alaska Adventures
4287 Homer Spit Rd #7, Homer, AK 99603, USA

A day of halibut fishing aboard The Whistler operated by Inlet Charters. Bring your own lunch and beverages. It'll be an early start and we'll probably be out most of the day. It all depends on weather and how good we are at catching!!

The boat is FULL! Thanks for all the interest and here's to straight lines and smelly hooks :)

Crossfit and Yoga
Wednesday, May 15, 2019
8:30 AM
Bay Club
2395 Kachemak Dr, Homer, AK 99603, USA

We'll start a "Wedding Workout" at the gym followed by an hour of relaxing Kundalini yoga. No need to do it all if you don't want, there is a salt water pool and a sauna to ease you into the final stretch of the wedding week.

Free For All Friday
Friday, May 17, 2019

At this moment I can't imagine what we will all be doing, but I'm sure it will revolve around love and laughter and pulling it ALL together. I do know we will have to decorate the parasols and handkerchiefs for the parade and clean up the city park where we have the ceremony and help will be appreciated.